Project for the rehabilitation of the REC Comtal canal between Vallbona and Trinitat Vellaneighbourhoods in Barcelona
Preliminary project
Part 3

Once these two access gates to the Rec have been defined, a slower and more permeable path between them is envisaged, allowing the most unique and least urban section of the route to be discovered: a path with a programme which offers open-air spaces for relaxation and contemplation, which incorporates light structures which can host planned or spontaneous activities (temporary markets, viewpoints, picnic areas, open-air film projections, observation towers, panels, etc.) and reinforces the use of the spaces and the synergies between a variety of users.

The project for the public space of the Rec Comtal is also a unique opportunity to recover the Rec as part of Barcelona’s living memory. The proposal envisages the need to recover the heritage elements linked to the Rec and to connect them transversally to other elements of Collserola’s hydraulic heritage, creating a route of historical interest which includes the aqueducts of Baix Vallès in Ciutat Meridiana, the Pont dels Tres Ulls, the Water Tank of TrinitatNova and the Casa de las Aguas in Trinitat Vella, among others.

pont de la vaca


Moreover, and as the section in the proposal has been maintained as an agricultural area in a peri-urban space, we believe that it is important to incorporate characteristic elements from this landscape into the project, such as the rows of trees, the occasional descents (washing places) and the bridges.

As regards the materials, the proposal incorporates and highlights those linked to the origin of the Rec, and proposes brick as the main material of the intervention to recover the materiality of the agricultural and industrial constructions alongside the canal, in addition to establishing a dialogue with the modernist hydraulic constructions located in the vicinity.

Finally, the intervention is a homage to the landscape of the Rec on passing through Vallbona.

07.APR.2017      Autore: Redazione