Rehabilitation of the REC Comtal canal in Barcelona
Preliminary project for Barcelona city council - Part 2

Assonometria rec comtalInitially, the borders of this ecotone will be abrupt, stimulating longitudinal movements and relations, and attracting general and adaptive species, while in the second phase it will gradually be expanded, creating diffuse borders (given the biological character of the plants and thanks to minimal management) with an effective transversal transfer and filter function. The Rec will therefore have a space which acts as a biological buffer and which, depending on the conditions of the environment, can be stimulated to serve as a filter or Barrier. 

To successfully create this ecotone, we intend to reinforce the canal’s original function, creating a network of secondary irrigation channels, based on the typical section of the mediaeval Rec, and reusing the water for irrigation, acting as a cornerstone of the landscape.

General plan rec comtal

Transversally, we propose promoting the Torrent Tapioles as a green axis which permits the landscape and pedestrian connection to be reinforced between Collserola, Marina and the River Besòs. 

From a social perspective, we detected a series of informal activities and customs which have gradually appeared in a spontaneous manner around the Rec, thus maintaining its footprint in the public imagination (baptisms, washing places, bathing and fishing areas, walks, amateur races, etc.). We thought of the Rec as an ecosystem, not only in landscape terms, but also from the social sphere in order to strengthen its function as a link and social catalyst. 

We recover two existing public spaces – the first one being the current intersection between the route of the Rec and the Torrent Tapioles in Vallbona; and the second one being the Casa de lasAguas in Trinitat Vella - giving them the role of “gateways” to their respective neighbourhoods. be continued

21.MAR.2017      Autore: Redazione