From European to International Biennial of Landscape Architecture
Barcelona 2016

After the impulse of the previous edition, the 9th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture confirms an international dimension both in the Rosa Barba Prize call for recent projects and in the range of contemporary research objectives and debate.

This year the Biennial, entitled "Tomorrow Landscapes" is a catalyst for doubt and a driver to illusions and changes in the field of Landscape Design, in circumstances where territorial and cultural disciplines are ranging from anxiety and emergence.

In the context of a new climate regime, personal or professional indifference is not an option. We will need to (UN)learn concepts, methods and attitudes. The Anthropocene leads us to redesign and rethink the management of territories of nature in arms. We have witness the emergence of professional practice proposals mitigating the effects of climate change (through project or planning), collective demands to rebuild with a new integrative design (rebuilt by design), global assessments of the resilience of cities (Un habitat) and demonstrations of citizens with a new concept of landscape as common good to safeguard with tactical projects (guerrilla gardening, tactic urbanism). Tomorrow Landscapes decidedly faces the future, talking about climate and social strategies, declined on the project(s) and process designs in landscape architecture.

The announcing of this year’s event suggests interest in discovering new ways of action, while exploring inhospitable areas and guiding discussion towards rethinking old certainties and providing new sensitivities certitudes. Tomorrow Landscapes wants to be present at the discussion of what should be the landscape design and planning nowadays and provide a plausible (and exciting) future. Consequently, the Biennial has revised field and formats, formulas, concepts and objectives of the discipline, while critically contemplates itself as a living landscape platform and watchtower of international landscape movement.


7 speakers of international prestige will reflect on our theme "Tomorrow landscapes", to promote the debate on the Landscape of tomorrow from a transversal point of view, a Planning actitud.

2 video tributes on the landscape architects Michel Corajoud and Jacquec Simon, presented by Karin Helms and Bernadette Blanchon.


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