UNISCAPE People’s Landscape Video Contest 2016
2nd Prize: "Unlearning"

About Us: me and my work.

Leonardo Marzotti,

Università degli studi di Firenze

What is Landscape? Landscape is the projection in reality of the environment in which we would like to live. There is no beauty or ugly, there is simply what every one of us sees or wants to see.  Perception is the only thing to determine the Landscape.  Even the desk we are working on, right now, becomes our Landscape.  Landscape does not have any boundaries and it must not have them. Boundaries are just in our mind: it restricts itself, while we are growing up, through the knowledge of the reality and of its rules. Landscape is limitless, thus everything is Landscape! We are the ones who build boundaries because we are not able to live our lives with the concept of Infinite and with its uncertainty. For this reason, we limit it.

The grown-up people conceive limits and the impossibility of certain actions because they assimilated the rules of life. Children do not. The eyes of a child, who still believes he can fly, are eyes capable to look beyond boundaries or filters. They see only what really exist in front of them.  They do not see the structure, they see what it might be, and they “throw it out” thanks to their instant perception. So, how can children help us? They give us the possibility to live in a way we believe is no longer possible. They can help us to see what we do not believe there still might be.

The idea to face the topic of perceived Landscape, of its values and of the correlation between places and people, through the child’s eyes, comes from the desire to break boundaries and give back to our cities, places that are left decay just because they are considered too dangerous or unusable. This could not be possible, though the eyes of a grown-up person. Our adult vision would lead us being excessively self-critic and we would be stuck in front of every obstacle we perceive.

For the creation of the shot set, we acted as children, not aware of the regulation and we opened the “barriers” of a “non-place” that should belong to the community.  We made it ours to give it back, for a moment, to the people. To give them back, for a while, their childlike eyes. The child’s action is the keystone of a pure and free perception still not contaminated. 

I am a student graduated in Agriculture at the University of Padua and currently enrolled in a Master of Landscape Architecture. My passion for the requalification of areas, that belong to us, but that are constantly stolen to our community is what pushed me to take part of this contest... Other than that, even my passion for art, music and DIY, really helped me to make this project as a soulfully communicative one.

L. Marzotti, N. Ferrara

24..2016      Autore: Redazione